Barbara Johansen Newman

Barbara Johansen Newman has always loved to draw. Her first artwork was done when she was a toddler, standing in her crib, writing on her bedroom wall. Honest to goodness. This is 100% true. Just ask her mother. She’s the one who gave Barbara the crayons.

Sooner or later, Barbara stopped drawing on walls and began to draw on paper like most people. Turned out paper was a much easier surface to work on than her bedroom wall space and there was a lot more of it.

After going to college, spending  time making dolls and puppets, and performing as a puppeteer, Barbara began to create art and illustrations for children, newspapers, magazines and books.

Now she spends most of her time writing and illustrating books, designing fabrics, collecting eye glasses, and…decorating her house! And her favorite way to decorate? With old stuff, funky stuff, and things she finds at flea markets, yard sales, antique stores, and, yes, at the dump!!! 

You can read more about Barbara on her web site: