The Book

Glamorous-Garbage-book-coverDear Readers,

Everybody struggles with keeping a room clean and uncluttered, right? Well, I know I did as a little girl! It was always a big challenge to keep my toys and dolls and stuffed animals in their proper places. My mom spent a lot of time trying to get me organized. Sometimes she even succeeded. And sometimes, well, not so much.

Here is a little secret: I STILL have trouble keeping my room neat and organized. But I try to be better about it. One of the reasons  I work so hard at keeping neat? Because I like to collect stuff: old stuff, flea market stuff, antique stuff, garage sale stuff, crafty stuff, and anything fun and funky. When you collect a lot of stuff, the best way to enjoy that stuff is to try to keep everything organized.  

In “Glamorous Garbage” Bobbie has the same problem I did as a little girl. Maybe she is even worse than I was!  And cousin Joanie is losing her patience with Bobbie’s mess. It was knowing what I was like as a little girl that inspired me to write this story about Bobbie and Joanie and the BIG MESS. The fun part is that Bobbie (with some help from her Mom) gets to fix the problem of her room in a very creative way…with lots of stuff she finds in the same way I find things today: dump, flea markets, yard sales, and thrift and antique shops.

And that is what this book is really all about: looking at old and used things in new ways! Instead of always buying new things to fix up your room, it is much more fun to REDUCE, REUSE, AND REDECORATE!

Download the Glamorous Garbage curriculum guide!

Have fun,

Barbara Johansen Newman